Fish scale color stone tile


Fish scale color stone tile-color stone metal tile fish scale shape, same as asphalt tile, but different in material. This color stone metal tile fish scale shape is made of aluminum-zinc plated steel plate and natural sintered color stone particles.

Tao Fangxuan's "Homesickness on Fish Scales" once wrote: Fish scales are the home of Jiangnan, and their fish scales are placed in the same way, like curved eyebrows and curved moons, covering Wuzhen under Mao Dun's pen. It also covers the phoenix on Shen Congwen's paper; It is Zhou Zuoren's bitter rain lent and Feng Zikai's fate hall; It is a theater, and it is a ancestral hall. Those construction details related to fish scales and tiles, such as flower windows, cornices, carved beams and partition fans, have long been separated from the general decoration in construction, and have a cultural spiritual orientation, which points to classicism, aestheticism and the east. Fish-scale tile is a tile with the shape of fish scales, which is different from the common tile which is approximately square or rectangular, and the tile-shaped lines are more beautiful.

Laying roofs with fish scale tiles is the same and orderly, but also very special. Common fish scale tiles include clay, copper, asphalt, cement, metal, etc. Different raw materials have different functions. The metal fish scale tile is made of colored stone metal tile, 55% aluminum-zinc plated steel plate as base material, natural basalt colored sand, fluorine-containing acrylic resin and other materials.

The surface layer is basalt colored sand with various colors, which is formed by high-tech coloring process and high-temperature sintering of basalt particles with certain particle size. With more than ten colors, it can resist ultraviolet radiation, reduce the noise caused by rain in metal tile, and has excellent waterproof performance, strong wind resistance, excellent weather resistance, earthquake resistance and fire prevention. Generally, ordinary roofs can be used, and they can break through the limit and apply to those roofs of opposite sex. If the special-shaped roof is constructed with conventional colored stone metal tile, the ridge should be closed with ridge tile fittings at the corner of radian. You don't have to worry about this problem with metal fish scale tiles.

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