Color stone metal bevel tile

Name: colored stone metal tile

Also known as: metal colored stone tile, colored vermiculite tile, colored stone tile, metal tile, metal roof tile, roof steel tile

Type: bevel tile

Type: JH03

Design size: 1340mm*420mm

Installation size: 1290mm*370mm

Thickness: 0.4mm, 0.42mm.

Per square meter: 2.08 tablets

Weight: 2.8kg/piece

Colors: monochrome and gradient

Material: fingerprint resistant aluminum-zinc plated steel plate, aluminum-zinc plated steel plate and colored stone particles

Details: arc shape

Advantages: beautiful appearance, long service life, light weight, simple installation, easy bending, cutting and modeling, and excellent roof tile function

Packing: 500-600 PCs/wood

Oblique tile is beautiful, durable and environmentally friendly, which is an ideal choice for roofing building materials.

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